Update Pack For XP (April 2009)

Update Pack For XP (April 2009) | exe | 58,1 Mb

In the Update Pack, all relevant updates, after the Service Pack 3 released. Among them are also still a lot of updates that do not have the Microsoft automatic updates for free! This pack is suitable for all Windows applications, according to a fresh installation are available. Does newer versions of Internet Explorer or Media Player are not supported.

The update pack is equipped with an installer, which gives users the possibility to all the updates individually and deselect, so that only the patches installed, both of which the user wishes to install.

With the parameter / S can do Complete Pack installed. Therefore, all updates in the pack and can be installed for example in an Unattended CD integrated.

Changelog: 04.2009
KB890830 + V2.9
+ KB923561
+ KB952004
+ KB956572
+ KB959426
+ KB960803
+ KB961373
+ KB963027
- KB890830 V2.8
- KB951698
- KB956841
- KB958215

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