Agile DVD to iPhone Converter 1.9.2

Agile DVD to iPhone Converter 1.9.2 | 10MB

Agile DVD to iPhone Converter is a top-class DVD to iPhone converter which can rip DVD to iPhone video (MP4,H.264) video format and put your favorite DVD movies on iPhone. Not only it converts DVD to iPhone video (MP4,H.264) format but also convert DVD to iPhone audio formats like M4A,WAV, etc.

With Agile DVD to iPhone Converter in hand, you can enjoy your DVDs on your iPhone (Including Apple iPhone) anytime without worrying about destroying the original DVDs. Moreover, you can rip specified titles and chapters from DVD separately, select the audio track and subtitle.

Agile DVD to iPhone Converter is extremely easy to use, a few clicks being enough for ripping your favorite DVD videos.

Here are some key features of "Agile DVD to iPhone Converter":

· Convert DVD titles/chapters to Apple TV Video (MP4) videos.
· Support splitting output video by DVD titles and chapters.
· Preview DVD titles/chapters.
· Custom define the output audio volume.
· Keep the original aspect ratio or resize movie to fit the monitor resolution.
· You can use attached out profiles or create new ones yourself.
· Supply >200% conversion speed, beyond your imagination.
· Auto turn-off function saves your time and energy.
· Support "Drag and Drop"
· Very easy to use, just by one click

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