3D Realistic Flag Screensaver v2.1

3D Realistic Flag Screensaver v2.1 | 3,2 MB

3D Realistic Flag Screensaver for Windows Vista and XP. Choose from 230 national, patriotic, historical and international 3D flags.

Key Benefits of the Most Realistic Flag Screen Savers

* Patriotic spirit. Instantly Bring the patriotic spirit and national pride of a proudly flying flag in support of your country onto your computer screen
* 230 Flags. 3D flag options allow you to choose from 230 national, patriotic, historical and international flags
* Downloadable Backgrounds. Desktop background flag options allow you to choose from 4 colorful backgrounds or download your favorite background pictures
* Customize Waving. You can customize the waving flag your way, adjusting the wind speed from breeze to strong wind and changing its transparency
* View Selected Flags. Animated screensaver options allow you to display selected flags with their names and set the replacement time of flown flags too
* Digital Clock. Keep track of time with additional digital clock and calendar
* Run on Most Computers. Get the maximum quality on your laptop or office computer, adjusting advanced options of the 3D screen saver
* Widescreen Support. Always fills your entire screen. Displays in standard 4:3 screen or 16:9 widescreen
* Multi-Monitors Support. Displays animated flags on 2 monitor or 3 monitor systems and plasma TV set
* Save More Power. Your laptop or notebook will work longer with advanced power management options of the screen saver
* Windows Compatible. Designed to be used for all versions of Windows including Windows XP and Windows Vista
* Easy Download. A small file size makes it an easy download to your computer

This 3D screensaver works under Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows 7. The computer program uses OpenGL and DirectX and requires hardware acceleration for optimum performance.

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