MultiCore Processors Optimizer v1.0

MultiCore Processors Optimizer v1.0 | 9.30 MB

Performance optimizer for all multi-core processor systems.
Simple and easy to manage all running processes and so get the most out of your system.
Whether your PC is automatically optimized, with the turbo button a program maximum speed,
or the processes manually decide you want to distribute.
With permanent or automatic rules can be convenient for every situation the performance of your PC to
increase, whether for work or play .
Automatic 1-click functions quickly and easily the performance of your multi-core processor system optimized.

* Supports up to 8 processors
* For hard drives, USB drives, Compact Flash, Memory Stick, SD Card etc.
* Automatic 1-click functions as required:
- Turbo function for a selected program
- Optimization for a balanced system performance
- Optimization of system performance and also save it directly as rules
* Storable rules for more comfort when you restart the PC
* Import and export function for rules
* Extensive search (date, file type, size, etc..) Finds files in seconds
* End Process and process information
* Accelerated games and applications
* Integrated System Update
* Bonus: The tachometer system as Gadget for Windows Vista

System Requirements:
* Windows XP, Vista (32-Bit)
* Multi-core processor system with 2, 4 or 8 CPUs
* from 256 MB RAM
* optional: for use of the Windows Vista gadget will be needed

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